Sharpening Notes

Re-Sharpening A Tenon Saw

Or a panel saw. Even a dovetail saw.

Sharpening Sabre Saw (Jig Saw) Blades

Maybe save some money

Some Scientific Light on Sharpening Technique

And a bit about a personal approach

Grinding and Sharpening Angles

 It all depends .......................

Hollow Grinding Good or Bad?

As usual, the answer is not a simple one

A Honing Jig for Plane Irons

Make it yourself

Tips for Hand Honers

Useful for jobs when you don't want to jig

Improve a Worn Oilstone

And how to gain some loose grit from old papers

The Traditional Cambered Edge

Use it, whatever many text books might say

Fluids for Honing

Magical potions listed

Sharpening a Carving Gouge

A straightforward and a personal approach

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