Points About Planing



Planing Ergonomics

Fettling a Cast-Iron Plane

Coping With Gnarly Grain

Join the Flat Sole Brigade

Plane Body Deflection

Some Physical Data

Adjusting a Metal Plane

Adjusting a Wooden Plane

Trueing the Sole of A Wooden Plane

How To Plane A Square Edge

A Honing Jig for Plane Irons

About Cap-Irons

Making aminated plane blades

Skitter and Chatter

What Happens When You Slew

Coping With Twist

Rub Jointing

A Versatile Shuteing board

A Ramped Shuteing Board for End Grain

A Donkey's Ear Shuteing Board

Truing and dimensioning a board

Finding its direction

How to avoid the dreaded droop

Improving a run-of-the-mill plane

Shaving Aperture Geometry

For fanatics only? Read and decide

Pics to solve the riddle

Forces acting on a plane blade

Less hit and miss than with a wooden plane

Hit and hope the blade does not move too far

Using another plane

The old hand's way, using a cambered edge

Make it yourself

(Chipbreakers) Tuning and adjusting

From an old text book

Know the difference

Obvious pun avoided

A source of many problems

Extracts from a longer article

For panel joints, end grain and 45 deg mitres

Drawings and photos

For box mitres and suchlike

Woodworking Definitions

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