A Woodworker’s Notebook

Jeff Gorman


A practice joint to try very basic methods - and a couple of mortising alternatives

A run-down on most aspects (applies to people working by themselves)

Three major projects, several workshop aids and a Tawny Owl carved from Olive wood

A practice joint, a Moorish dovetail and other info.

Eighteen topics - Fettling - Jigging - Skittering

Seven topics - Re-sharpening a Tenon Saw to Honing Fluids

Nine topics - Face Marks to Marking Knife Use

Undersized tenon repair and dovetail chopping error avoidance

Sawdust, White Rings, Sanding Belts, Cutting Board Hygiene.

For UK visitors, some very approximate secondhand prices & weather notes

Some woodworking terms defined

A temporary home for new items

I first started this site when woodworking groups could only use ASCCII code to construct drawings but it has extended to re-using material already published (and paid for) that otherwise would be sitting on my hard drive and doing nothing very useful.

Apologies for the variable drawing quality - these are my original drawings as they were prepared for re-working by an illustrator.  

I hope that the quality of information compensates for the primitive site design.

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Dovetailing Detailed

Mortising and Tenoning

Planing Notes

Sharpening Notes

Marking Out Notes

Blunder Busting

Hints & Tips

Circular Sawbench Safety

UK Old and New Tool Dealers

Jargon Busting

Stop Press

Design Notes

Constructional ideas and the joints to use